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One got through!

I got a call from "800 Service" today, it went to voicemail, but it got through!  Political polling season I would imagine, so figured I would add them to my Black List, now they will hear "number disconnected" from my PBX!  A quick log of the calls that we stopped by TrixBox showed about 5 calls from "800 Service" a day for the last 8 days!


More people need to take control of their phone like this and hopefully put an end to these polsters.  It would be better if they asked who whould be interested and call them.... I am sure that isn't a "random" sample, but this is not my problem.  Maybe if they had to pay people they called it would be a different story....

Magic Jack Plus Installed to TrixBox/Asterisk

The Magic Jack Plus arrived!

I plugged the Magic Jack Plus into my laptop to do the activation.  I bought the unit on eBay for about $60.  Although Magic Jack state you don't need to use a PC to use the Magic Jack Plus, there was no obvious way to activate the device without a PC, just a heads up.  I think you can use a Mac but don't have a way to test that means to activate.

After going through the activation process and thinking about the up-selling of 5 years of service for $99 and service plans, I decided to just use the unit as is for the first year as a test.  So it only cost the purchase price and no credit card was required to activate.

After activation, I removed the Magic Jack Plus from my PC.  I plugged the include USB Power Adapter into the wall and connected the Magic Jack Plus with the included USB extension cable (about 6" but enough).  I then used the include LAN cable to attach to my router.  Had to go find a Phone cord as that was not included (they expect you to plug a phone directly into the unit).  Found one, plugged on end into the phone port of the Magic Jack Plus and the other end into my GXW4104 FXO gateway.

I then picked up the home phone and called my cellphone.  Sure enough, the inbound number was the new Magic Jack Plus activated number.  It was difficult to tell the quality as there does seem to be a delay through the service.  It probably is acceptable when you are at seperate locations and can't hear what is being spoken before it comes through the cellphone.  Also, some of the quality could be reduced by the cellphone.  Hopefully more on this later.

I then configured TrixBox to "Follow-me" for each of the girls extension setup in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response System).  Reloaded the configuration.  Called the house phone number from my Cellphone and chose one of the girls extensions.  Bam... "Hello? Who is this?"  It was my daughter and she didn't recognise the phone number!  It worked!

Very simple setup with the Grandstream FXO gateway, the system just thought a new phone service was connected and off it went, no real configuration change required for Trixbox to use the new Magic Jack Plus line.  It just worked after activating the service!

The world of VOIP!

I wanted my phone to do exactly what I wanted.  The phone company never provided the service that worked for me.  I wanted to receive and originate phone calls, they did provide that service.  With a family of 5, the 1 phone line they provide just doesn't cut it.
VOIP is the solution, if you are a computer pro, you should consider building your own Asterisk VOIP PBX system.  There are several out of the box solutions such  as FreePBX and TrixBox.  These are FREE solutions and well used around the world.
You do need a little hardware to get you going.  I used an old cheap windows XP PC.  You will not keep the operating system, as Asterisk will run under a CENT OS Linux operating system.  You really don't need to know much about Linux for this to work.  Most of the configuration is done via GUI (web based Graphical User Interface).
Depending upon what you are trying to do, your VOIP system may cost you a few hundred dollars in hardware.  Asterisk is free software and well community supported!


What is VOIP?

What is VOIP?  Select one of the YouTube files before for a good overview of VOIP service.

What is Voip

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